Health Startups Accelerator

Health, Happiness, Humanity


Health startup Accelerator focuses on the health fields, seeking to help create startups in the health sectors, and also strives to enhance the public awareness of links between different health sectors and other manufacturing sectors of the country.

We accept all Ideas & and startups in:

Our Services



Conducting workshops and specialized courses for startups in the form of pre-acceleration and accelerated courses



Creating effective communication and networking between startup teams, coaches, investors, professional , founders , social and marketing networks .


Work space

Establishment of accepted teams of accelerated period in creative work space for product launch.


Early stage and seed

Provision of initial capital required for the start up of startup businesses in the accelerated period

Steps to work with us

The teams manage to produce the MVP the following steps. .

  • The first step - register in the pre-accelerated period

    At this stage, the idea team can declare their readiness to cooperate with us by registering our business plan and idea. The records recorded by the referee team will be initialized and the selected teams will enter the pre-accelerated phase.

  • Step Two - Pre-Accelerated Period

    During this two month period, teams will develop their ideas using trainers' trainings and accelerator facilities, and at the end of the course, they will be reassessed so that teams with higher scores will reach acceleration..

  • Step Three - Accelerated Period

    Teams that have entered the accelerated phase during this four-month period, teams will also receive the initial capital required to start their own business, in addition to using educational facilities, coaches and deployment.

  • Step Four - Introduction to Investors

    Top ups are selected and presented to the investor and will be ready to enter the market.

Our Team

  • رویداد معرفی و آشنایی با زیست بوم شرکت های خلاق

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  • بازدید از شتاب دهنده هوشمند سلامت

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  • تقدیر از شتاب دهنده هوشمند سلامت

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  • کارگاه تخصصی مهارت های UI/UX در نرم افزار های ادوبی

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  • کارگاه طراحی ارزش و مدل کسب و کار در دانشگاه علوم پزشکی قزوین

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